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Animal Magic
Royal Jelly

We give animals the benefit of nature’s super medicine, helping them be at their very best.

Animal Magic Royal Jelly

We supply the Animal Magic Royal Jelly Formulation in liquid form in a 500ml container lasting 30 - 60 days (depending on animal species and weight). £149.00 (Free Postage World Wide) (= £2 per day). We will be happy to explain in detail how the Formulation works and to cover the health conditions your animals wish to improve, and arrive at the right dosage.

Dosage instructions

Small mammal/bird/reptile: ½ black cap/ 5ml per day

Small, medium dog/ Cat/ Large rodent/ large bird/ large reptile: 1 black cap/10 ml per day

Large dog/ sheep/ kangaroo: 2 black caps/ 20ml per day

Cattle/ horse: 8 black caps/ 80ml per day

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Aminals we help










Six areas of health


Royal jelly promotes a calming effect through altering the bodies chemical reaction to stress as proven in this medical study.


Increases sperm count and reduces ageing in the female reproductive organs, which has been scientifically proven specifically in rats.

Joints + Mobility

In studies Royal jelly reduced inflammation and damage in unhealthy rheumatoid arthritis tissue.

Coat/ Skin

Royal jelly can help promote better hair texture, growth, coat condition and reduce skin allergies inflammation.


Royal jelly can help fight cancer, which has been scientifically proven (in mice).

Anti- ageing

Royal jelly stimulates physical and mental functions in older animals.

Our unique Animal Magic Royal Jelly Formulation is highly recommended by leading veterinarians, breeders, owners & hospitals/shelters.

Our goal is to give animal owners and veterinarians the benefit of nature's super medicine - Animal Magic Royal Jelly. Manufactured with fresh royal jelly to the highest standards, Animal Magic caters for small, medium and large animals.

We have been involved with our unique formulation for nearly 50 years with many customers throughout the world and have seen considerable improvements with various health conditions including hair/ coat/ skin appearance, temperament, joints/ arthritis pains, fertility/ breeding, insomnia, energy, speedy recovery after surgery, immunity as well as an accelerated growth rate.

We consider this to be the most superior Royal Jelly Formulation in the marketplace today and have worked with two Masters in the field of Complex Homeopathy and plant knowledge. If your animals or patients take this regularly/ religiously you will be very pleasantly surprised how this will give them even more benefit.

Dosage instructions

Curious about what our customers think?

  • John S

    London based Vet

    DR A states unreservedly “I’m very keen to keep stocking Animal Magic Royal Jelly and I’m using it regularly for my animal patients for over 30 years now and I use it mainly for what are loosely called ‘poor doers’ - pets that have poor immune systems, chronic disease, poor appetites, weight loss, loss of energy, for old age and similar situations.

    Generally I expect to see- and do see - an improved appetite, greater energy, better skin and coat condition and an enhanced immune system with more resistance to illness and disease.”

  • Beverley H

    Bat in Kent Animal Hospital

    Last Friday I was handed an adult male long-eared bat, it had been trapped in a lounge for at least two days and was generally weak with hunger, thirst and exhaustion. Approximately five minutes after drinking the Animal Magic Royal Jelly the most amazing thing happened. He actually jumped in the air and started flying around! I have also had equally startling results with an anorexic cockatoo and young tortoise. Both regained their appetites, put on weight and flourished.

  • Kay W

    Two boxer dogs

    I am still amazed at the effect on the dogs, in that their personalities can be modified up or down according to their individual needs by something as simple and elemental as Animal Magic Royal Jelly!.

  • Stacey F

    Chihuahua emphysema/constipation

    My poor Rupert, diagnosed with emphysema, tracheitis and also a heart condition. One of the symptoms being a continuous cough. Various drugs have been tried, unsuccessfully! I started him on a course of Animal Magic Royal Jelly, and within three months there was a remarkable improvement; his breathing is less laboured and he is coughing muh less. As a bonus his stiff joints seem to have eased along with his constipation. Im very happy to see my Rupert has brighter eyes, a lovely coat and his general interest in life has returned!

  • Fiona C

    Elderly dogs

    My two elderly dogs (13 years old) love Animal Magic Royal Jelly mixed in their meat and impress the vets with their good health. Soon after introducing Royal Jelly into their diets, I saw an improvement in their energy levels and have also found one of their coats have become thicker and no more thinning patches! I am so grateful to have found this Animal Magic Royal Jelly!

  • Nancy H

    Cat with feline urinology

    Our 4 year old cat suffers from feline urinology syndrome and has to take daily medication. Since starting Animal Magic Royal Jelly, he has really perked up, has brighter eyes, better appetite, etc. I am trying to cut his medication down slightly, and no doubt with the help of Animal Magic Royal Jelly will succeed.

  • Ben B

    Corgi with cystitis

    As a very young puppy, Ben suffered several bouts of cystitis. When Ben and his sister, Tanya were 4 months old, they began a Animal Magic Royal Jelly regime; knowing the benefits of AMRJ for humans,I had to put both my puppies on it as early as possible. Ben and Tanya are now 20 months old and with several championship and Open show wins and places in their credit.

    In 16 months of taking AMRJ, Ben has been completely free of cystitis!

  • Jeff O

    Cat with kidney disease

    After achieving remarkable results myself with AMRJ, I decided to give some to my 16 year old cat, who has been suffering with kidney disease. I have been more than delighted with the reust; to look at his shiny coat, youthful appearance and having a ‘mad’ session every day, running up and down stairs, dashing from room to room, you would think he was a kitten!

  • Lucy W

    Terrier with skin allergy

    Toffee had been suffering from a skin problem for some time and was receiving antibiotics from the vet when his owner, Miss Warner, decided to try him on AMRJ. ‘The vet heartily endorsed my giving him Royal Jelly, and now he is clear of skin problems. The beneficial side-effects of the AMRJ treatment came as a bonus; Toffee changed from being lethargy and sleepy t being lively and generally a much happier dog, with a better appetite and a very soft and shiny coat.

  • Sasha W

    Bloodhound with no appetite

    Sybl showed very little interest in food and sometimes fasted for weeks at a time. When her owner, Sasha, Tried giving Sybil AMRJ, the result was too good to be tru: ‘Six seconds after I gave her the AMRJ treatment she started eating- this must have been coincidental.’ Indeed it must have been, but two months later, and Sybil had considerably improved- she was eating regularly with a hearty appetite and, even though she had always been a lively dog, she now had even more energy.

  • Sue H

    Border Collie with slipped disc

    I’ve been having problems with my dog who was becoming very bored and restless from having to keep still and leading a quiet life six weeks after slipping a disc. I was thrilled with the improvement after starting him on a course of AMRJ. He has improved in leaps and bounds and is now running about- though with some lack of co ordination; but his zest for life is wonderful again. My vet said he is interested in the effect AMRJ has taken on my dog, especially as he is still improving!

  • Gladys L

    Shi-tzu with mammary tumours

    I own an 11 year old shi-tzu named Panda, she came to me in a very poor condition at twenty months old. She had no coat at all, and although I have built her up with a good diet, the coat on Panda has not been able to grow to any great length. To make matters worse for Panda, she developed mammary tumours, one of which suddenly enlarged. My vet has been able to remove the large growth but felt that Panda could not survive the removal of the others and so had to leave them. When I took Panda home, I gave her two doses of AMRJ a day. The results showed in no time, her coat is now lovely and thick and long. She is also much more lively and energetic and her appetite has really improved.

  • David T

    Rottweiler with anorexia nervosa

    Talas, my Rottweiler, was a good eater as a young puppy. He went off his food at the age of seven months old and developed anorexia nervosa. I spent a fortune on appetisers and concentrates but with no success. I had almost given up, and thought about taking him out of the ring before trying one last time with AMRJ, and we couldn’t believe it. Tal has been taking the AMRJ for merely two days when we noticed his appetite had increased. I’m so happy to have my happy healthy dog back!